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Best foods to increase testosterone level

Most people know testosterone as the male sex hormone. But, testosterone is more than that. It is also responsible for your muscle mass, bone health, concentration, and memory. So, you should pay more attention to your testosterone level. A person’s testosterone level falls 1-2% every year. Certain treatments can be done to increase your low testosterone level but you can also increase it but adding certain foods to your diet.

    Here is my top 10 foods list that will help you increase your testosterone level. 

1. Fatty fish

Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acid. A study has shown that long term supplementation with fish oil increases the semen quality and testosterone concentrations. Tuna is also rich in vitamin D and some research shows that Vitamin D can help boost testosterone levels by up to 90%. Salmon lowers Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). This SHBG binds testosterone and lower your usable testosterone level.

2. Oyster

    Oyster is rich in zinc which is an essential nutrient for testosterone production. Zinc can help you keep your testosterone level throughout your adulthood. It is also important for sperm health and reproductive function. Yeah, I know oyster is not a desirable food for everyone. For those who don’t like oysters, you can try other zinc-rich foods like dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, dairy, and eggs or you can just have zinc supplements.

3. Lean Meat

     Some researches show that a meat-free diet can lead to lower testosterone level. But, you should be careful with your choice of meat as saturated fats found in some red meat can also lower your testosterone level. So, lean meat is your best bet. Ground beef is also rich in zinc so that will be an additional factor for your testosterone boost. Beef liver is also rich in Vitamin D.

4. Eggs

    Eggs are rich in vitamin D, saturated fat, cholesterol, and protein. All of these are vital for testosterone production. Cholesterol is a precursor for testosterone production so it is better to eat the whole egg.

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5. Milk

    Many people drink milk for bone and skin health. But milk has other effects that many people didn’t realize. Guess what? Milk can also increase testosterone level thanks to its rich vitamin D content. But, be sure to choose skimmed milk to avoid saturated fat.

6. Cabbage

    Not only they are rich in vitamins and minerals, but cabbage also contains indole-3-carbinol which can lower your estrogen level. A study shows that eating cabbage for a week can lower your estrogen level by half, making testosterone more effective.

7. Pomegranates

    Pomegranates are symbol fruit for fertility and sexual function. It is also rich in antioxidants so it can help you reduce stress. A study showed that men got a lower testosterone level when they are stressed. There is also research which reports that impotent men improve their condition by drinking a glass of pomegranate juice every day.

8. Grapes

    Eating a bunch of red grapes can also help you with increased testosterone level. Skins of red grapes also contain resveratrol, which can increase your T level and sperm motility.

9. Garlic

    Garlic contains a compound called allicin which helps to lower cortisol level in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone and lower level of cortisol correlate with more potent testosterone effect on our body. You can get most out of garlic by eating it raw.

10. Honey

    Honey is rich in a mineral called boron, which increases testosterone level. Additionally, nitric oxide in honey helps to open up blood vessels which lead to better erection.

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    These are the top 10 foods that will help you increase your testosterone level. If you are diagnosed that you have a low testosterone level, you should add some of these foods to your diet to increase your T level naturally. 

    But you should avoid drinking too much alcohol, eating processed or canned food if you really want to increase your testosterone level because these foods can reduce your T level.

    Testosterone level lowers with age but you can follow certain habits to maintain its level. Now you got the idea of what foods to eat to increase your testosterone level. But, if you are really suffering from symptoms of low testosterone level, you should consult with your doctor. 

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