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Good Morning Breakfast Restaurant - 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) Breakfast & Brunch

Fast, cheap, yummy breakfast! I'm happy to see this bright orange joint on run-down Point Breeze Ave, and the r&b tunes playing inside and sounding into the street is a great wake-up.

The place is standard fare eggs + home fries + scrapple + toast. Nothing fancy, but staff nails the basics. Nothing is more irksome than a fumbled breakfast. Although it may be true, as the French say, if you know how to cook eggs you can just about cook anything, I say, if you can't cook eggs, don't work at a breakfast shop. Thankfully, the chefs at Good Morning can really fry an egg without singeing the edges or serving it runny and rare. A rare feat given the short staff and the steady influx of customers at, ugh, seven am. Even at this hellish hour, the home fries were fresh and crispy, and the toast was actually toasted, not burnt, and buttered, not drowned in margarine. The coffee is harsh, expect belly aches if you down a whole cup.

I found it odd that the people behind the counter were Asian immigrants, considering the only other stores open on Point Breeze are Chinese take-outs and glass-enclosed beer take-out affairs operated by said immigrants. A sign of changing times, or neighborhood disinvestment? Rounding the corner after a happy breakfast and seeing a crowd of glassy-eyed, pin-prick pupiled losers copping, at seven am!, I fear, sad to say, I'll go with the latter.

I can't believe I've lived 2 blocks away from this place and never knew it was even there. My friend and I were just driving by and decided to make a quick breakfast stop. Doesn't look like much from outside, but was pleasantly surprised to find a super cheep and pretty decent breakfast and lunch spot.

I'm holding the menu in my hand right now and the most expensive thing is $6.75.


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