24 Yoga Poses for Beginners

This list of 24 basic yoga poses for beginners serves as an inspirational guide to help you develop an interest in yoga.

This yoga chart features some of the basic yoga poses you can do as a beginner to get started. 

Yoga has always been one of my favorite forms of exercise to kick start my day.

Every morning I start my day with this 5 Minute Yoga Routine.

It helps calm my mind and set positive tones.

You too can experience the benefits of yoga by setting a few minutes a side to do a few poses.

It will free your mind and refocus your attention on what matters the most.

I created this yoga poster chart to remind me of different yoga poses that I can do and incorporate into my morning routine.

I find it very useful and cute, which helps me relax even more. 

Even my 6-year-old daughter started doing yoga because of the chart.

So yoga for me has become more of a family affair because of the chart. 

So I hope you use this yoga poster to introduce your kiddos to yoga as well. 

Learning to incorporate the basic yoga poses into their daily habits will set the foundation for a healthier mind, body and fit future.

So go ahead. Check out 24 yoga poses to get you and your family practice more zen at home. 

Feel free to adapt or change the yoga poses to suit your needs.

Focus on having fun with the movement, not on perfection. 

Engage the children. Follow their passions and interests.

Create authentic and meaningful experiences and cater to their energy levels and different learning styles.

Be creative and enjoy yourselves, but please be safe.

Wear comfortable clothing and practice barefoot.

Set aside 15 to 20 minutes a day to do some poses with your family. Make it a family fun affair.

These 24 yoga poses are also available for purchase as a yoga chart or poster on our store if you would like to have them on your wall to reference while practicing at home.

Grab your yoga mat now and let’s get started.

Beginners yoga poses

There you have it!

24 beginners yoga poses to get started with. I hope these cute yoga poses help you get familiar with the names and the poses.

Which yoga pose is your favorite? Let me know in a comment below. 




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